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Mitchell Megaley


Love stories book “Settle In My Heart” Megaley’s new Book

Love stories book “Settle In My Heart”

Love stories book "Settle In My Heart
Love stories book “Settle In My Heart

Sometimes, things are too good to be true. Twenty-nine-year-old New York City surgeon Tessa Jenson learns this about her marriage when her congressman husband of 10 years, Patrick, humiliates her and breaks her heart in the most public of ways. As her cheating husband quickly becomes her ex-husband, Tessa must move on and pick up the pieces. A sabbatical from work and a cross-country tour might be just what the doctor ordered.

Jim Hart has lived his entire life in the small town of Lake Willow, Indiana. Abandoned at 16 by an alcoholic father, Jim, now 32, has waited his entire life for his father’s return. However, it is not Jim’s father who almost runs him over while driving drunk—before hitting a tree and losing consciousness—but a beautiful young female surgeon from the city who could change his life forever.

Falling in love happens quickly, but internal and external obstacles to happiness waste no time attempting to wreck this promising relationship.

Follow Tessa and Jim as they attempt to repeatedly defy fate in the name of love. Will they find their happily ever after, or will parents and exes and a violent kidnapping prove that, once again, some things are too good to last? Find out if love truly conquers all when you order Settle in My Heart, soon available at!


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